Marine Boat Repair

Dewinterization Services & Costs

Dewinterize FormLucerne Valley Marina is now accepting Dewinterization work orders for the boating season. If you need fiberglass or bottom painting done we will be coordinating this work the end of April & the first week of May.

Winterization Services & Costs

Winterize FormAcid Wash or Pressure Wash: Acid washing uses hydrochloric acid to remove algae build-up and scuff marks from your outer hull. Pressure washing removes most of the loose material. Acid cannot be used on boats with anti-foulant paint.

  • Acid Washing $4.00 per foot plus Acid
  • Acid $17.00 per gallon
  • Pressure Washing $3.00 per foot
  • Prop Wash w/Acid $65.00 plus Acid

Winterize House Systems, Generator & Engine(s): consists of draining your fresh and lake water systems, bypass the water heater and flushing antifreeze through the hoses, winterize the head system(s) and air conditioner(s). The batteries will be charged and disconnected. Each engine will be thoroughly drained and flushed with antifreeze. If you have a closed cooling system we will check the quality of your antifreeze and let you know if it needs to be replaced. Gas tanks should be stored full to prevent condensation and stabilized (91 octane will drop to 85 octane in 2 weeks if un-treated; stabilizer will keep fresh gas good for a year). Fogging oil will prevent rusting of piston rings and lubricate the engine for storage.

Oil Change: We recommend that you do oil changes in the fall. If you have water in your oil this will prevent costly damage to your engine.

Drive Service: This is the time of year to make sure your gear case is operating properly. Your drive will be pulled, drained, pressure tested and refilled. Your engine alignment will be checked (this prevents coupler wear) plus your gimbal bearing and u-joints will be lubed and checked. Manufacturers recommend changing the water pump impeller every two years.

Outboard & trolling motor service: While outboards are generally self draining, sometimes the water passages can get blocked and freeze. We will fog the engine and flush it with antifreeze and stabilize the gasoline. Normal gear case service will ensure that no water is in your lower unit.

Costs: Winterizations, oil changes, drive service costs are based on time and materials. For a quote please call our service center.

Shrink Wrapping: Shrink wrapping seals up your boat and keeps the damaging humidity out. It also extends the life of your boat covers. Costs $12.00-$16.00 per foot depending on boat size & height. Price includes dehumidifier, tape, rope, wrap, and labor.

Winter Dry Storage Rates
Under 29 - $24.00 per month
30 & up - $1.00 per foot per month